PlayStation 5 does not natively support 1440p resolution

Lately, when new console resolutions have been hinted at, it is quickly moving up to 4K, but in fact the vast majority of users won’t use that resolution, but lower resolutions instead. Now, new information which is revealed by the staff of IGN Italy, the PlayStation 5 will not have the native resolution of 1440p, but we will already reveal more details.

As for the new Microsoft consoles, they have this native resolution, most notably the Xbox Series S, which was made to run at the same resolution, while the Xbox Series X, has that same resolution natively. In the case of PlayStation 5, the situation is slightly different, and as was the case with PS4 Pro, the console does not have the native resolution of 1440p, and if we connect to a display with that resolution, in fact the console will run at 1080p, extended to 1440p.

1440p is not one of the native resolutions of PlayStation 5

But is it really disturbing? No, for the vast majority of gamers, who connect their PlayStation to a TV, they will only need 1080p or 4K resolution, as very few TVs use that resolution. For gamers who connect their PlayStation to a monitor, the situation may be a bit different, since many monitors have the same resolution, but they won’t be without playing, since the image will be made available in 1080p and expanded to 1440p. .

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