PlayStation 5: first impressions

As it could not be otherwise, we are already in possession of the latest PlayStation 5, and even before we leave our test (which launches over the next week) on the latest Sony console, we would like to leave the first impressions of even.

And it’s inevitable, talking about the new console is not possible without talking about DualSense, which is much more than just a successor to DualShock 4, and maybe that’s why the company didn’t have it. not called DualSock 5, but DualSense. Its grip is excellent, and that’s what seems to make the difference in newer games. We can have great graphics on PC, on Xbox, but having the experience that DualSense offers, you shouldn’t be able to do that with another controller.


In terms of ergonomics, it seems to me close to perfect, in addition to being incredibly beautiful. But where it really is is when in use, because its tactile feedback and adaptive triggers transport us into the game, something no command has ever done. Forget everything you know in the other orders, because with this every situation is a totally different situation and is reflected in the order.
The buttons on the rear shoulder can vary the resistance, and for example in “Dirt 5” with them you will notice that the gas pedal adjusts your resistance as you accelerate.

DualSense is the most important element on PlayStation 5

The console comes with a pre-installed game that lets us know this command in detail, Astro’s Playroom. And even if you don’t like this style, you should play the same way even if it’s for a few hours because I don’t think you will be excited about this DualSense.

Yep, so my first impression on PlayStation 5 is that where the really differentiator is from everything else is in DualSense, and it will be largely responsible for giving us an even more immersive gaming experience, because it transports us completely into the game … and even now the console has launched.

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