PlayStation 5 launch sparks malicious activity

The launch of the new PlayStation 5 has caught the attention of phishers and crooks, who are increasingly interested in enjoying the news on this new game console. In October alone, Kaspersky released found around 130 suspicious domains around the world that mentioned “PlayStation” in their names, an amount that represents 50% of fraudulent websites detected between January and October of this year.

These websites offer visitors the option of pre-booking PlayStation 5, either by paying in advance or by providing personal information. Some web pages even offered to buy the console at a lower price than the retail price. In addition to this, Kaspersky also detected areas that claimed that a special selling price was available for the previous version of the console – PlayStation 4 – justifying the price drop with the launch of the new version.

Kaspersky warns of fraud surrounding PlayStation 5 launch

“We would like to remind users that if anything on the internet sounds too good to be true, it probably should be a scam. Sales and pre-booking messages should be verified from trusted sources. We therefore recommend that you do not not click on suspicious email or message links in messengers and social networks. We also recommend that you install a security solution with up-to-date databases of phishing and spam resources, “Tatyana emphasizes Sidorina, Kaspersky security specialist.

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