PlayStation 5 solves one of PlayStation 4’s biggest problems

A few weeks before the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony gave some Japanese Youtubers the chance to test their new console, who gave their first feedback with great enthusiasm. In particular, they praise the console’s super-fast load times, setting an example that the new console only takes 7 seconds to boot Godfall.

And according to various testers, the PlayStation 5 is also extremely quiet. “The quietness of the fans was even more impressive than the load times,” some testers said. For his part, the 4Gamer reporter said “he could barely hear what sounded like the sound of the fan running”, even when he put an ear to the console.

Even after hours of gaming, and when the CPU and GPU were pushed to the limit, the console didn’t overheat. “I started playing one of the launch games, Godfall. After a while, I noticed that the wind blowing from the console was not hot, it was very gentle, ”says 4Gamer. However, the tests were carried out in a studio where the temperature reached 30 degrees.

The PlayStation 5 is super quiet

As Sony had promised, the PlayStation 5 corrects one of the biggest flaws of its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, which after several hours of play, the console tends to overheat. Often the noise generated by the fan muffles the sounds of the television.

According to Mark Cerny, chief architect of PlayStation, the PS4 has mismanaged its power consumption, and aware of these flaws on PS4, Sony is committed to correcting the situation on PS5, and it seems that this mission has been a success .

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