PlayStation 5 storage may leave user only 664 GB

Next-gen consoles are closer than ever to reaching fans. We recently touched on here that Microsoft’s main console operating system, the Xbox Series X, takes up around 20% of its 1TB SSD, leaving the user with 802GB of free use. Now an image reveals that only 664 GB of the 825 GB of storage will be available to PlayStation 5 users.

Without wanting to complicate things too much, that would make sense, and I’ll try to explain why. Firstly, Sony has officially revealed that the size of the PlayStation 5’s SSD will be 825 GB. Due to how computers work, that is, in binary, 1 GB is actually 1,073,741,824 bytes. instead of 1,000,000,000 bytes; this alone translates to the number of 825 GB to 768 GB. If we add 104 GB reserved for the operating system PlayStation 5, we have 664 GB of storage space actually usable.

PlayStation 5 will leave only 664 GB of storage for the user

For comparison, the Xbox Series X has a totally similar setup, although its starting point is considerably larger, with 1TB of storage space advertised, but the console will only read as having 930GB, of which 128GB. reserved for the operator system. The grand total of actually usable storage space is therefore 802 GB, which is 138 GB more than what is available on PlayStation 5.

The main reason for this disparity is probably that Sony equipped the PlayStation 5 with a faster, but also more expensive custom SSD, which comes with a 12-channel interface and achieves 5.5 Gb / s of E throughput. / S. raw with uncompressed data. Microsoft, on the other hand, opted to use a slower NVMe SSD that achieved 2.4Gb / s of raw I / O throughput with uncompressed data, which allowed them to deliver a larger SSD. .

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