PlayStation announces trophy level changes

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just announced some improvements to the PlayStation Trophy System, which will be implemented tomorrow, October 8.

The first thing players will notice is the big change in their trophy level, as the level range will change from “1-100” to “1-999” which means that after this update the level Players’ trophy levels will automatically update to a new level in this new range, based on the trophies each player has earned to date. For example, if a player’s trophy level is currently 12, their level will be in the range of 200. The exact level will depend on the number and types of trophies earned. There will be no changes to the trophies players have already earned or to the information about the trophies, such as unlock conditions.

In addition, the SIE announced a new structure for calculating the levels of trophies, improved and more enriching. This means that players will progress through the initial levels faster and the levels will increase more steadily. Platinum Trophies will count even more towards level progression, making them even more valuable.

PlayStation announces trophy level changes

With an expanded range of levels, SIE is also updating the trophy level icons on PlayStation 5. By the way, it should be noted that currently the trophy icon is only a gold star, but some variants will be added, namely:

Bronze: levels 1 to 299 Silver: levels 300 to 599 Gold: levels 600 to 998 Platinum: levels 999

The icons will also have a subtle difference to show players, visually, how close they are to the next level.

So that there is no doubt, the SIE also clarifies that, as happened in the transitions of previous generations, the trophies that players have won on previous PlayStation consoles will be retained on PlayStation 5.

All of these updates will be implemented in the system starting tomorrow, October 8th.

“We are committed to providing an even better gaming experience for our fans as the next generation approaches,” said Toshimasa Aoki, Director of SIE. “We can’t wait for everyone to start racking up trophies in the next amazing games that will be released on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5,” he added.

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