PlayStation is also celebrating Halloween with a new promotion

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced the arrival of Halloween promotions on the PlayStation Store, which means that until November 2, players will be able to enjoy great PlayStation 4 titles at unique prices.

Among the available offerings we highlight the DEATH STRANDING, an innovative open-world game that challenges the boundaries of the action-adventure genre, and set in the near future, after the planet has been rocked by mysterious explosions that triggered a series of supernatural events called Maré de Morte. From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima, in this game the threat of mass extinction hangs over the world and it’s up to protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, in a scenario infested with extra-natural creatures, to cross the devastated landscape and save humanity from impending annihilation. DEATH STRANDING is now, with these Halloween promotions available for € 30.09 on PlayStation Store instead of the usual € 69.99. Your Digital Deluxe Edition has also received a 50% discount with these promotions and now costs € 39.99 instead of € 79.99.

Also note the famous Days Gone, which previously cost € 69.99 and which, until November 2, will be available on the PlayStation Store for only € 20.29. In this title, players will have to fight a desperate battle to survive as Deacon St. John, in a land surrounded by death. To do so, they will have to lead the fight against dangerous hordes of freakers – degenerate humans turned cannibalistic monsters – and other formidable human threats. In addition, they will have the opportunity to explore a vast open world where unpredictable weather conditions and different times of the day or night can present dangers and cause fatal surprises. The Days Gone Deluxe digital edition is also available on PlayStation Store at a 63% discount, meaning that during the campaign period it costs € 29.59 instead of the usual € 79.99.

Days Gone and DEATH STRANDING among Halloween specials on PlayStation Store

With the arrival of the Halloween promotions on PlayStation Store, players will also be able to purchase the Standard Edition of DOOM Eternal for just € 34.99 instead of the usual € 69.99. Here, the armies of Hell have invaded the earth and it’s up to players to wear the skin of Slayer in an epic single player campaign and defeat demons in different dimensions to prevent the destruction of humanity.

There are more titles featured and below a few of them:

Devil May Cry 5 (with red orbs) Before € 24.99 – now € 19.99 Fallout 76 Before € 39.99 – now € 15.99 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted Before € 29.99 – now 19. 49 € MediEvil Before 29.99 € – now 14.99 € Mortal Shell Before 29.99 € – now 25.49 € Predator: Hunting Grounds Before 39.99 € – now 23.99 € RESIDENT EVIL 2 Deluxe Edition Before 49, € 99 € – now € 19.99. The Evil Within 2 Before € 39.99 – now € 19.99 Wasteland 3 Before € 59.99 – now € 44.99 Watch Dogs 2 Before € 69.99 – now € 15.39 Help us grow, visit our Facebook page and let your taste, to have access to all the information first hand. And if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also follow us on Google News, select us among your favorites by clicking on the star.

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