Pocophone claims true successor to Poco F1 is coming

After many years of having only one device, the Poco F1, the Pocophone has gained some autonomy and in recent months the company has released several devices.

Currently, the company offers devices in all segments, entry-level, mid-range and even high-end. However, no equipment released by the company to date can offer what the Poco F1 offered in 2018, which is a high-end phone with a price tag of $ 300.

Now a Poco manager in India has revealed that the Poco F2 Pro, a smartphone launched a few months ago, will not arrive in India due to its high price tag, but in return they will receive the true successor to the Poco F1. .

The executive quote suggests that the company could launch a successor to the POCOPHONE F1 with as tempting a price / performance ratio as the original phone, however, the price challenge can be particularly tough this time around.

Poco F1

Poco F1 could soon receive a successor

The high-end smartphones of 2020 saw a big price increase mainly due to the high cost of 5G technology and the price of the Snapdragon 865, but also the improvement in camera setups, so it’s theoretically possible that a true successor to the POCOPHONE F1 can launch in 2021, when only when 5G costs go down.In addition, the Snapdragon 875, which is due out in December, is not expected to cost much more than the Snapdragon 865 and could also be available in a light version.

The POCO executive has also reportedly criticized the company’s rebranding strategy, since most of its smartphones launched in 2020 were Redmi devices with a POCO launcher. The director said the company will continue to follow this strategy in the future, continuing to use Xiaomi’s MIUI on its smartphones.

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