Podcasts are already present in the news feed and Huawei Assistant

Huawei has announced the incorporation of the new Podcast category into the Huawei News Feed and Assistant in its browser. Now Huawei users can follow all the news or listen to their favorite entertainment programs through the “ Podcast ” category, which joins the “ News ” and “ Video ” categories already present in the news feed. . Huawei browser.

The content changes, renews and improves over time. This is the case with podcasts, an audio format that was believed to be outdated and which today has more and more followers and a larger digital infrastructure. In Portugal, 40% of Portuguese listen to at least one podcast per week. According to Reuters Digital News Report 2020, there has been a 4% growth in Portugal, compared to 2019, in the number of people listening to podcasts in Portugal. This increase is linked to the growing use of mobile devices and the search for more diverse content.

In view of the growing Portuguese adherence to podcasts and with the aim of always providing its customers with the best possible service, Huawei believes that the new podcast category will further improve the information and content consumption experience for consumers. . users accessing Huawei browser and Huawei Assistant.

You can now find podcasts on Huawei services

Huawei’s Podcast category has over 100 new podcasts, from the most varied categories, whether news (Observer, Expresso – Eixo do Mal), sports (Benfica Podcast, Sporting160 – live podcasting ), technology (TSF – Digital World) or comedy (, Hotel, Crazy Beauty, Commercial Radio – The Man Who Bitten the Dog), among others.

Ana Lorena, Head of Marketing and Communications at Huawei CBG Portugal, states that “this new content integration is an extension of our collaboration with Squid, one of our news partners for Browser and Huawei Assistant. To access it again information format and get a better user experience, users only need to open Huawei browser and at the top of the page choose podcasts to start enjoying it. “

“SQUID News is a service that provides news from major publishers around the world. With over 100 podcasts in Portugal, users can now choose from a variety of topics and listen to the most interesting podcasts in the Huawei browser and assistant. “says Johan Othelius, CEO and founder of SQUID.

This format is a new step in Huawei’s strategy, which aims to satisfy the needs of users using an innovative approach. This brand new feature provides quality services creating an improved and safe consumer experience, following the path of success achieved with the update of EMUI 11, the incorporation of renowned applications in the AppGallery and the innovation in products such as Huawei Mate40 Pro, Huawei Watch Fit or Huawei FreeBuds Pro.

Huawei will continue to work towards its goal of achieving a more connected world, where the user and their needs are the center of attention, through the development of innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

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