Qualcomm obtains a license to supply Huawei but …

After the last few months have completely strangled Huawei, the United States is finally starting to relax. At the end of last October, Samsung was authorized to sell its OLED screens to the Chinese manufacturer. More recently, Qualcomm also obtained approval to supply its chips to the Chinese giant. And reading this movement, it looks like we will finally have a Huawei with its ability to produce its excellent smartphones.

However, the manufacturer would still have a large cross spine. According to the revelations, it is true that Qualcomm was granted a license to sell chips to Huawei on the condition that they are not compatible with 5G networks.

The exemption therefore only concerns 4G chips. As revealed by an American magazine, it also seems unlikely that the license will be extended to 5G SoCs in the near future. As long as, of course, the new leadership team in the United States does not question Trump’s decisions.

Qualcomm can supply Huawei but only chips for 4G

For Huawei, this relief is still good if confirmed in the coming weeks. But that would mean that the Huawei P50 will not be able to access the Snapdragon 875, unless Qualcomm decides to manufacture its new SoC with a version specially designed for the Chinese manufacturer.

In other words, Qualcomm can only supply Huawei with its older chips, or with recent chips specially designed for the Chinese company, without the 5G modem and only with the 4G modem.


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