Qualcomm prepares its own smartphone for games

On December 1 and 2, the Snapdragon Tech Summit will be held, a virtual event where, in addition to the announcement of the Snapdragon 875, Qualcomm is expected to announce that it will officially enter the gaming smartphone market. According to the latest information, the company is expected to announce its first smartphone and that it will arrive in 2020.

DigiTimes staff posted the following sentence :.

“Qualcomm will partner with Asustek Computer to develop and launch its own branded gaming smartphones in late 2020, at least, according to industry sources.”

Partnering with ASUS might be the right choice for Qualcomm to start producing its own gaming smartphone. After all, the manufacturer has years of experience in designing cooling solutions not only for computer hardware, but for them as well. smartphones.

Qualcomm gaming smartphone expected to ship with Snapdragon 875

It’s also possible that Qualcomm’s first gaming smartphone will be the first device to be announced with the Snapdragon 875, which will be optimized for clock and thermal speeds. Then again, there are rumors that Qualcomm is preparing not one, but two versions of the Snapdragon 875, as two codenames have recently emerged giving this indication.

It is also not confirmed whether Qualcomm will use a custom Android operating system skin on its own gaming smartphone, or use a pure version, but with the Snapdragon Tech Summit not far away we will have all of the soon. details.

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