Rare skin is back in the Fortnite store

Every day when the 12 chimes ring in Portugal, Epic Games updates its App Store in Fortnite. Then players have the chance to discover and get their hands on new items, but because the company doesn’t create new items every day, many end up returning to the store months later.

And this is the case of the Skull Soldier Skin which is back in the most played Battle Royale on the planet, after appearing for the last time in Halloween 2017. It is one of the rarest skins in the game and is back for gamers. to acquire it. It will be available in a new color, which is sure to please everyone who bought the skin in 2017.

Skull soldier

Skull Soldier is back in Fortnite

And if you thought that was the only new thing, make a mistake … since the popular Skull Hunter skin is also available.
The new colors of these skins will inevitably add interest to your purchases. Both of the above should make most gamers happy because we know how popular they are.

Additionally, as revealed, Epic Games is preparing a number of new features that will be revealed in the run-up to Halloween 2020, which takes place closer to the end of this month.

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