Redmi could follow in Apple’s footsteps and launch a mini phone

Gone are the days when manufacturers stopped releasing very small phones. Phones with a taller screen and 6 inches at the time were a trend, but this trend is far from appealing to all users. Aware of this situation, Apple announced last Tuesday the new iPhone 12 Mini, and if the company is systematically accused of not bringing innovation, there is something where it is a point of reference: in the trend marking.

Sony has been making mini phones for many years, which are really cool, but the company has long been taken away from the big picture, prioritizing Chinese companies. Now the latest information shows that Redmi will follow Apple’s lead and launch a mini phone.

We still don’t know if this phone will be a high-end phone, a mid-range phone, or just another phone, with a really small body. The truth is that Lu Weibing, the chief executive of Redmi, has hinted that a mini phone may be revealed soon.

Lu Weibing

Redmi Mini could be announced soon

It does not seem like an easy task, because it will not be for lack of demand that the company is not successful, but because of the dimensions of the devices. For example, the new iPhone 12 Mini has a 2227mAh battery which, if placed in a Mini smartphone with the Android operating system, will hardly last a full day of power. If Redmi follows Apple’s lead, to launch a top-of-the-range Mini it will really have a lot of difficulty, since it is very complicated to fit a decent battery into a smartphone with such a small case.

However, companies are successively surprising, and we will have to wait and see what the company will have to show us. The fact that Lu Weibing has addressed the matter means that this gear will not be in its early stages yet, so we will certainly have more news soon.

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