Redmi Note 10 is expected to launch this month with 108MP camera

In recent weeks, some information has emerged of the so-called Redmi Note 10. Now, new information indicates that this equipment is expected to be announced during this month of October, and will be the first equipment of the company to come to market with a sensor. 108MP main

The information comes from the Weibo social network, where a leak revealed that a Redmi phone with a model number ending in J17 even has this 108MP sensor. This is in line with other information already surfaced a few days ago, which indicated that the Redmi Note 10 is expected to arrive with the model M2007J17C, and that its launch in China is scheduled for the first month of the last quarter of 2020, this being the case that is, this month of October.

Moreover, another leak this time on social network Twitter, the Digital Chat Station, also confirms the existence of this 108MP sensor, allegedly the Samsung Bright HM2, and goes further by revealing that it knows that this sensor will be accompanied by a macro sensor and telephoto sensor.

J17 *, your favorite 108 megapixel main camera and telephoto macro are both [rabbit]

– Digital Chat Station (@StationChat) October 9, 2020

Redmi Note 10, 10 Lite and 10 Pro expected to be announced later this month

However, this shouldn’t be the only piece of equipment in this series to be announced this month, as a Lite version is also expected to be revealed, and it will arrive with the model number M2007J17G, that is, the number is similar, but only changes the last letter.

Redmi note 9

Then we have the Redmi Note 10 Pro, which, according to rumors, will arrive equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, which guarantees compatibility with 5G networks, adequate performance.

Officially, the company has yet to comment on it, but given the amount of information revealed, it’s very likely that the equipment will be revealed later this month.

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