Respawn is preparing major changes to Apex Legends audio

Since the release of Apex Legends, players have complained that the audio, despite numerous interventions from Respawn, is weak and / or has issues. The truth is, sometimes the game just loses its sound in certain situations, or the shots happen very close to where we are, and we can’t hear them. If we add that to the fact that opponents are closing in on us a few times, without us realizing it, the audio in Apex Legends certainly needs to be improved … much improved.

Fortunately, it looks like an effort is being made by Respawn and this issue should definitely be fixed:

“We know that there are audio issues right now,” they said. “I thought it was very important that we said that.”

Apex Legends audio gears up to receive improvements from Respawn

Far from simply acknowledging the issues, the programmers promised gamers that they were working on a fix to improve the quality of life of the game.

“Every patch we spend on audio,” they continued. “It’s just a beast that we are fighting against. We wanted to give some hope that more meaningful changes will come to address it in the future. A lot of people are working on big things to try to make it happen. “

Balancing a game like Apex isn’t particularly easy, but a quality-of-life change like this will always be welcome if it can help even better reduce the number of frustrating kills that occur just because of the audio.

Additionally, the programmers also confirmed that Wraith will be dropping her run in the same way and the Pathfinder hook cooling will face another change.
As of yet, we don’t know when these audio fixes will arrive in-game, but the studio’s talking about them is a clear sign that it might be just around the corner.

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