Roadkill is a new series that debuts today on HBO Portugal

With Hugh Laurie, the new Roadkill series, which portrays ambitious politician Peter Laurence, opens today, October 19, on HBO Portugal.

Fresh out of a libel suit against a newspaper claiming to be corrupt, Peter Laurence is a respected man. Still a media player, his anxious demeanor and chatty attitude have won him a wave of popularity. His unique libertarianism, which divides opinion in Westminster, is a breath of fresh air for his supporters. The Prime Minister, the bitter Dawn Ellison, fears Peter’s threat, but cannot deny that he is a role model. He should be promoted soon, if there are no more bad surprises. However, Peter has a closet full of skeletons and lots of enemies.

Charmian Pepper, the journalist Peter discredited in court, is at war with him. He manages to avoid his dismissal by editor-in-chief Lapidus and travels to Washington DC to obtain the evidence he needs to expose Peter’s corruption. Meanwhile, Peter’s lawyer, the insightful and lucid Rochelle Madeley, receives anonymous information from someone who wants to attack him and gain access to his entourage.

Peter is quickly alerted to yet another time bomb – an illegitimate girl named Rose, who is serving a heavy prison sentence. It’s a secret that can bankrupt you, especially now that you’ve been appointed Secretary of State for Justice. And it’s a secret the Prime Minister apparently knows, thanks to his staunch advisor, Julia Blythe.

Roadkill is already on HBO Portugal

Meanwhile, at home, Peter’s family is on the verge of collapse. But, Peter is a person who likes to take risks. With his career at stake and a riot in his family, he advances fearlessly. Threats are growing everywhere and Peter continues to evolve into danger. His strong personality seems to know no bounds. But behind the scenes, Peter’s dark past threatens to bring him down. After a life of taking risks, it looks like Peter’s past crimes can finally hit him. But, Peter doesn’t know how to back down, and with the changing political landscape, the price is greater than ever.

Besides Hugh Laurie, the cast of ROADKILL also includes Helen McCrory (Dawn Ellison), Iain De Caestecker (Duncan Knock), Sarah Greene (Charmian Pepper), Olivia Vinall (Julia Blythe), Sidse Babett Knudsen (Madeleine Hall), Shalom Brune- Franklin (Rose Dietl), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Rochelle), Danny Ashok (Luke Strand) and Saskia Reeves (Helen Laurence).

ROADKILL is directed by Michael Keillor, who is also an executive producer, alongside George Faber, Mark Pybus and David Hare, who also wrote the screenplay. Andrew Litvin is the producer.

You can watch the series trailer here.

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