Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 review

The Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 is a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, robust and prepared to clean any home, thanks to its high power. It’s a flexible vacuum cleaner, with various accessories for cleaning upholstery, on shelves, under cabinets and even a brush for cleaning pet hair.

It runs on a lithium battery, the most powerful from Rowenta, which gives it an autonomy of up to about 1: 15h.

How to use it?

The vacuum cleaner consists of a block with motor, filtration system and a container for refuse, next to the handle. It is very practical because it can vacuum hard-to-reach places, above and under cabinets, and it can easily be rotated in several directions on the floor.

I consider it a very robust vacuum cleaner, efficient in daily cleaning, however I find its weight a little excessive for an upright vacuum cleaner, because to clean the house you have to drag, push, pull … about 4 kg everywhere cleaning time . However, Rowenta Air Force’s “Flex” function, which allows you to “break the tube”, greatly facilitates vacuuming under furniture (beds and cupboards with legs) and is fairly easy to use: at the press of a button and become flexible.

When the device is lifted, the tube regains its rigidity and with a “click” it tells us that it is again blocked and rigid. The Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 has 3 suction levels (echo, pulse, turbo) can be selected by the user by pressing only the +/- buttons. The “On / Off” button is located in the central unit of the vacuum cleaner, where it must be entered to vacuum. This proximity allows a little carelessness to turn it off while we are In the central block also there is an indicator of autonomy available, in which we can have a rough idea of ​​the time we have left and which varies in depending on the power we use.

What accessories does it include?

The Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 comes with many accessories, in which we have a telescopic nozzle, a motorized mini-brush, a wide brush, a bent tube to reach the top of the very high shelves and two mini-brushes to be attached to the Flex 760 tip or its suction tube. This upright vacuum cleaner is very well equipped.

The motorized main brush is an “EasyBrush” turbo brush used for cleaning floors (hard floors and carpets). The brush is removable (without tools) for easy maintenance and the “head” can be rotated up to 180 °.

It has accessories from the “Total Care” line which can be attached to the end of the tube (in manual vacuum mode) or directly at the outlet of the handle (in manual vacuum mode).

It also has a special accessory, a mini turbo brush which makes it easier to clean animal hair, a long nozzle, a flexible XXL nozzle, a flat nozzle and a mini “flat” head. It can also be permanently attached to the hand vacuum cleaner and to the end of the tube, which can therefore be used directly without additional accessories.

How does this vacuum cleaner work and what is its autonomy?

I think the performance of the Rowenta Air Force Flex 760, very good for an upright vacuum. On coarse pile carpets, this vacuum cleaner has excellent suction performance using maximum power, in which the brush spins faster and grips the “trash” powerfully, but here requires extra effort from the arm, this which also results in less autonomy time.

This “Boost” mode when used on carpets or rugs with short pile, does not allow the vacuum cleaner to slip because it gets stuck, it is therefore necessary to reduce the power to be able to vacuum, however it presents a excellent suction.

At low and medium power, floating parquet and mosaic obtain perfect results, as do most “broom” vacuum cleaners on this type of surface. The Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 can suck 66 minutes uninterrupted at the lowest power (ECO). If we increase the suction power, obviously the autonomy decreases, passing to 30 minutes.

Regarding the noise emitted by this vertical vacuum, the Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 does not disturb much when it is in operation, and the noise varies between those of 63 dB, in ECO power and 71 dB in TURBO power. Many in its class have much higher values ​​and don’t always get results as effective.

How to maintain and clean the Rowenta Air Force Flex 760?

The reservoir is located in the main unit and is transparent, so you can easily check whether it is full and / or needs cleaning.

For cleaning, it is necessary to separate it from the main unit to empty it, remove the pre-filter which acts as a cover, to get rid of waste. Then we will have to reassemble this device so that we can vacuum again.

This is a slightly more complex process than usual, in which in some vacuums it is enough to press a button or screw on a tank, for example, but it also does not require any accessories. additional and everything is done manually. It has a HEPA filter, which separates the air from the particles, and it can be washable, which helps keep the dust in the vacuum cleaner and the air in the house much cleaner.

Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 Final Verdict

The Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 upright vacuum cleaner offers excellent cleaning performance. Its strong point is undoubtedly its suction performance, the fact that it has so many accessories and its excellent filtration thanks to the HEPA filter.

However, its weight makes it tiring equipment for longer household chores, but ideal for occasional situations, largely due to its excellent performance. Tank cleaning is also not very practical in this type of vacuum cleaner, but the filtration it allows is actually excellent, as mentioned earlier.

It’s a very well-equipped upright vacuum for the extra accessories it includes, and for the features that speed up cleaning anywhere, hard floors and carpets, accessories for vacuuming under furniture, beds and on top of wardrobes. But also for the details that are very important in this type of product, such as its mini turbo brush, which makes it easier to clean animal hair.

It is an excellent vacuum cleaner in its class, and with good performance, however the price it presents is not accessible for all wallets.

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