Schitt’s Creek, a series awarded with 9 Emmys 2020, is the new bet of TVCine Channels

Schitt’s Creek, the series that rocked the last edition of the Emmys, with 9 statuettes, will soon make its debut in Portugal, exclusively on TVCine channels. Winner in 9 categories, including Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay and Comedy Director, Best Actor (Eugene Levy) and Best Actress (Catherine O’Hara), Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Levy) and Best Supporting Actress (Annie Murphy) in Comedy , the series received a total of 19 nominations.

Hailed as critics’ favorite new series, for the New York Times, Schitt’s Creek is “ fun, light and crazy. He perfected his formula and today he is great in love, great in reactions and great in originality. The humor touches the ridiculous but it is not stupid, and it makes us feel good in every way possible ”.

Created, written and performed by real-life father and son Eugene and Daniel Levy, Schitt’s Creek tells, in the best style of Canadian humor, the story of a family out of its natural habitat and how she faces her new reality. They are the Roses, formerly the magnates of a chain of video clubs. The family ends up losing their entire fortune after one of their partners commits a millionaire financial fraud. With much of his property seized, the only option left for Patriarch Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy, American Pie) is to move with his wife and two children to the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which he had purchased in the past. for a millionaire’s joke for his son. The problem is that the city lives up to its name and is a real end of the world, which leaves bankrupts in despair. Moira (Catherine O’Hara, home alone), the wife, is a former soap opera actress and does everything to keep the glamor of the past alive – even when she lives in a roadside motel. The two heirs, the pansexual David (Daniel Levy) and the spoiled Alexis (Annie Murphy), think only of finding a way to escape …

Schitt’s Creek will soon debut in Portugal on TVCine

The series promises tears of laughter, but also tears, as it shows the evolution of the four characters as they adjust to their new lives and become more involved with each other and with the city. herself. The chemistry between them on screen has also been praised, not only for the family ties that bind them together in real life, but also for the fact that Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara have been portrayal partners since 1974, when met on The Second City TV show. .

With 6 seasons, 9 Emmy winner Schitt’s Creek is TVCine’s new comedy bet that will guarantee the most hilarious moments on TV. A series not to be missed in the chains where everything makes its debut.

You can watch the series trailer here.

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