Security breach exposes data of millions of Go SMS Pro users

One of the big advantages of the Android operating system over other systems is the amount of apps available. This allows users to use the app that best suits their style of use and preferred design. When it comes to SMS apps, it’s no different, and Go SMS Pro is one of the most used apps for this purpose, and currently has over 100 million installs, just in the Play Store.

However, as revealed, Go SMS Pro is subject to a vulnerability which allows access to photos, videos and other files of millions of users. The information comes from security firm Trustwave, which claims to have found a loophole in August and has yet to be patched. Researchers say they reached out to the Go SMS Pro team and gave them 90 days to publicly share all the details. This is the norm among security flaws, but in the meantime the deadline has passed without anything being done, hence the publication of details.

Data of Go SMS Pro users at risk of exposure

When a user sends a file to someone who has not installed this app on their phone, the app sends that file to its servers. This allows the user to share an address so that the recipient can view the content without downloading the app. The problem is that the app always generates an address, regardless of the recipient. And according to him they are revealing, the addresses are predictable. Therefore, it is “easy” for an attacker to discover them and gain access to files of millions of users.

Trustwave says that a malicious user can create a script capable of discovering files stored in the Go SMS Pro cloud. Security researchers add that they were able to access certain files of certain users. They got phone numbers, money transfer data, online order confirmations with mailing addresses, etc.

It is then up to you to continue or not to use the application. The truth is, there are dozens of apps in the App Store that do the same. Whether or not they are safe we ​​don’t know, but now we know that Go SMS Pro is not as safe as it looks.

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