Shadow Mewtwo is back on Pokémon Go

Shadow Mewtwo was already available in July, as part of the Pokémon GO Fest 2020 special event. However, this was only for players who purchased admission to the event.

While this news has not yet been officially confirmed by Niantic, it comes from the Pokeminers in the form of a leak. They have a good reputation, so it’s safe to say that unless Niantic decides to change his plans, Shadow Mewtwo is definitely coming.

As it is revealed, it will be available in the special survey titled “An Inter-Egg-Sting Development”. This is a special six-step investigation where it looks like the player will be rewarded with an encounter with Shadow Mewtwo at the end. Some rare Pokémon, like Victini, are only available once to Trainers. In the case of the Victini Special Investigation, the trainers who caught him earlier were given 20 Candy Victini.

Thankfully, although it hasn’t been confirmed, it looks like trainers will be able to get a second Shadow. This is because it looks like it will be a rocket battle. Additionally, Candy’s replacement precedent has so far only been seen with the Mythical Pokémon.

Shadow Mewtwo will arrive soon

As many of you know, a Shadow Pokémon improves attack stats, although it does so at the expense of its defense stats. Considering that Mewtwo is already ranked as the best attacking non-Shadow Pokémon, it is no surprise that Shadow Mewtwo is considered so. This makes it fantastic for winning raid battles, but not so good in PvP GO Battle League format.

Shadow Mewtwo is epic! Have you ever caught one in #PokemonGo?

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– Pokemon News (@PokemonSwordNS) August 9, 2020

Some coaches may be more focused on player-to-player competition and will therefore consider purifying it. Adding +2 to each stat is certainly tempting. The player should only do this if they know they won’t need it in Raid Battles. Still, it sacrifices the rarity of a Shadow version.

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