Shure announces new MV5C microphone for more demanding users

Executives presenting their projects, sales teams making proposals to new clients, or teachers facing the world of distance learning, all need the same in this new era of virtual collaboration: sound clear enough to allow them to speak. confidently in your meetings.

To meet the needs of these new working environments, Shure has announced the MV5C Home Office microphone, which delivers excellent sound quality by prioritizing the user’s voice over the environment. It is the ideal solution for professionals who work from home, as this sleek digital microphone provides clear sound for video calls and conferences from any home office, without the need for headsets.

“Almost every industry is now operating from home: TV production, education, health and wellness, and the rest of our daily jobs. We quickly realized the need for better sound for these conditions, ”said John Born, Director of Global Products at Shure. “The MV5C delivers radically improved sound, with the guarantee of a brand that professionals have trusted for decades to deliver their best moments on stage. Now your message, presentation or story will be heard loud and clear, in the simplest and most concise way possible.

Shure MV5C: One-step setup

The user setup has been simplified so that any professional can unbox the MV5C, connect it to your computer, and start using it. In addition, its configuration offers different audio modes that can be easily established. Headphones are optional, so users can interrupt their use and listen through speakers, either external or from the computer. The microphone is compatible with Mac and Windows devices via a direct connection with the included USB-A and USB-C cables.

MV5C presents studio-quality sound for the home office

Always out of the box, the MV5C is a directional microphone and includes Shure’s Speech Enhancement Mode to enhance the user’s voice during audio or video calls, for even clearer sound. Users can speak with the security of knowing their voice will be heard clearly in meetings, presentations, and virtual classes, without having to repeat themselves or speak louder.

Retro design

The MV5C has a sleek and compact design, which fits naturally into any office to deliver powerful sound with studio quality. Its table stand is fully adjustable and allows the user to easily fix the position of the MV5C towards the mouth. In short, the MV5C is an update to home audio, which helps professionals speak with more confidence, knowing they will be heard clearly on the other end of the call.

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