SHURE announces three new AONIC in-ear headphones

Shure, through its Iberian distributor EARPRO, has made available in its portfolio the new AONIC in-ear headphones: the Sound Isolating AONIC 3, Sound Isolating AONIC 4 and Sound Isolating AONIC 5, each designed for specific needs.

Recognized for its exceptional sound quality and reliability, the new AONIC range provides a first-class experience for users, wherever they are, whether they are working from home, on the way to the office or listening to music.

Designed to provide high-resolution audio options for every user

Developed on the basis of decades of experience of sound professionals, the new range of AONIC headphones offer superior audio quality, in addition to exceptional comfort and durability. Sound insulation technology is able to isolate up to 37 dB of noise to eliminate distractions. All AONIC headsets use Shure’s distinctive detachable design, which allows users to quickly switch from wired to wireless with the True Wireless Adapter with Secure Fit. This adapter easily transforms any detachable model of Shure headphones with Sound Isolating technology into True Wireless headphones. The AONIC 3, AONIC 4 and AONIC 5 models include a removable 3.5mm communication cable that provides clear calls and allows direct connection to laptops and iOS and Android devices.


Designed based on years of experience supporting music legends, the AONIC 3 headphones deliver impressive, wideband sound thanks to their balanced transducer. Inspired by the performance and design inherited from Shure’s E4 headphones, the AONIC 3 features Shure’s smaller headphone design, delivering crisp, natural sound. This sleek and understated design is perfect for users looking for a headset that takes up little space.

The AONIC 4 headphones are the first from Shure to feature a dual-transducer hybrid system that combines a balanced and dynamic speaker design and a unique acoustic trajectory. The hybrid transducer design allows the bass to be dynamic and the treble to have more range and detail, resulting in a natural separation of instruments and excellent clarity of vocals.

AONIC 3, 4 and AONIC 5 sound insulation provides excellent sound experience

For users seeking a truly cinematic audio experience, the AONIC 5 headphones reproduce wide and exceptional sound with crisp, natural bass thanks to three balanced high-definition transducers. Two dedicated woofers and an independent tweeter guarantee enhanced highs, warm mids and natural bass. The custom frequency response allows full control of the sound experience, with three distinct sound types (balanced, warm, bright) thanks to the interchangeable tips. The design of the AONIC 5 is based on that of Shure’s legendary Sound Isolating SE535 headphones, while also incorporating a number of features from the iconic Sound Isolating SE846 headphones.


The AONIC 3, AONIC 4 and AONIC 5 headsets complement the existing products in the AONIC range and offer users a comprehensive catalog, with several options that best meet their needs.

“Audio performance, durability and reliability have always been essential elements of the Shure audio catalog,” said Matt Engstrom, Category Director of Global Product Management at Shure. “When we developed the new AONIC headphones, we specifically designed each model to meet the needs and desires of modern users: audiophiles, people on the way to work, occasional listeners and more. The idea was to combine Shure’s foldable design and premium sound quality with modern, industrial experience, creating our most technologically advanced line of headphones ”.

These launches are complemented by AONIC 50 wireless noise canceling headphones and True Wireless headphones featuring AONIC 215 Sound Isolating technology, fulfilling the company’s commitment to expand its audio range to support consumers and audiophiles in the world. whole world. The evolution of Shure audio products, both wired and wireless, further deepens its recognized heritage and the support of musicians who have trusted the Shure team on stage and in the studio for decades.

Each of the AONIC 3, AONIC 4 and AONIC 5 headsets includes the Shure RMCE-UNI Universal Communication Cable, a kit with a variety of pads so users can choose the most suitable ones, and a carrying case.

Noise-canceling headphones for studio-quality wireless sound

With a design that draws on decades of professional audio experience, the AONIC 50 wireless noise canceling headphones deliver premium studio quality in your sound, with exceptional comfort and durability. The AONIC 50s are Shure’s first wireless headphones, and include adjustable noise cancellation to help eliminate distractions and enable a truly immersive experience with the push of a button. Users who want to interact with the outside world can turn on Ambient Mode to hear what’s going on around them. Its 20 hour battery life on a single charge offers a week of use without the need for recharging. Touch controls provide quick access to answer calls, adjust volume or pause music with the push of a button. The AONIC 50 wireless headphones also incorporate Bluetooth® 5 wireless technology for optimum stability and a range of up to 10 meters.


True Wireless Earphones with Sound Isolating Technology for Active Lifestyles

Designed with the same design used by musicians for in-ear monitoring on stage, the True Wireless headphones with Sound Isolating AONIC 215 technology deliver an impressive audio experience with clear sound and enhanced bass. With exceptional comfort and a comfortable in-ear fit, the headphones stay fixed even during strenuous activities. Sound-isolating technology blocks out unwanted noise with the push of a button, and Ambient Mode lets users listen to the outside world when needed. The AONIC 215 True Wireless earbuds offer 8 hours of battery life, which with the three full charges that can be carried with the included rugged carrying case, extend up to 32 hours of battery life.

All the products of the AONIC line are currently available in the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

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