Some pre-orders for Xbox Series X and S are starting to ship

Although its launch date is set for November 10, that is to say next Tuesday, it seems that some consumers, who have pre-booked the new Microsoft console, have already received it at home.

The first report of this situation comes from a Portuguese user, Maia, on Reddit, who goes by the name of JMH71, who claims to have received his Xbox Series X yesterday, which was delivered by UPS. She says she connected the console and, at the moment, she can’t seem to connect to the Xbox Live service.

However, it doesn’t appear to be an isolated case, as another user, this time from Canada, claims to have received their Xbox Series S yesterday.

Photo shared by JMH71 on Reddit

New Microsoft consoles are starting to ship to those who have pre-booked

It is not surprising to see users receive their new console in advance, as we know they have been ready for some time, and keeping them in storage should not be a good policy, and it will be impossible to save. ” make all deliveries in the same way. day.

It remains to be seen whether more users will receive their consoles between today and tomorrow, or whether they will not be delivered until next Tuesday. While it is not possible to connect to the Xbox Live service, gamers can at least get familiar with the console and / or take the opportunity to get to know it better.

If in the meantime you receive your Xbox Series X or Series S, be sure to let us know so we can update this news. Simply leave your comment in the space provided for this purpose, a little further down.

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