Sony announces the availability of new games for PlayStation VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the arrival of three new games on PlayStation VR, which already has more than 500 video games and experiences in its catalog. Budget Cuts, Until You Fall and The Walking Dead Onslaught are now available on PlayStation VR.

Budget Cuts is an action adventure game where players will have the opportunity to dress the skin of an employee of a company called TransCorp, whose task is to stamp and tidy up the papers. Unfortunately, TransCorp specializes in producing robots to replace employees, and the work of gamers will soon be in jeopardy. Here, a mysterious package arrives at the players’ box, while another of his colleagues is dragged to the horrible human resources department. Will players be able to save their work? Budget Cuts, whose launch trailer can be seen below, is out now for PlayStation VR through PlayStation Store. The title is available for € 24.99 and PEGI 7.

The Walking Dead Onslaught, Budget Cuts and Until You Fall are now available on PlayStation VR

Until You Fall, on the other hand, is a hack and slash developed by the studio Schell Games, where players will have to wear the skin of the last survivor of the Runic Knights and fight monsters and evil spirits as the mysterious power magic called Aether created after devastating the Rokar civilization. Here, players will need to prepare for the fight of a lifetime, and with the help of a mysterious Rune Craftsman, they can forge the weapons they need to end their crusade. Check out the title’s launch trailer, which is now available on PlayStation Store for € 24.99 and PEGI 12.

Dead assault

AMC’s official The Walking Dead game, The Walking Dead Onslaught, is also now available digitally through PlayStation Store for € 29.99 and PEGI 18. In October, it will be available in physical format at regular outlets. . Between the 8th and 9th season of the famous AMC series of the same name, The Walking Dead Onslaught will put players in a period of great uncertainty following the war against Negan and his ruthless gang, The Saviors. The producers of AMC and the writers of The Walking Dead were involved in the creation of this original story in which famous protagonists, Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, will share their views with all the players and decide the fate of Alexandria. The Walking Dead Onslaught has a cohesive combat system and, on top of that, a solid weapon upgrade system.

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