Sony clarifies player voice chat recording on PlayStation 5

Sony has been forced to clarify to anyone who intends to buy a PlayStation 5 and is concerned about recording voice chat. Sony guarantees that it will not listen to or monitor player conversations.

“We don’t communicate clearly about this feature or explain why we are offering it, and we apologize for that,” Sony says on its PlayStation blog.

All PlayStation players can report abusive players they encounter online. On PlayStation 5, players will have the option to send a voice chat snippet with their report. Sony specifies that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will be able to chat together, which explains the arrival of registration in the PlayStation 4 8.0 update.

If a player makes a report, it can include an audio clip up to 40 seconds long. There are 20 seconds of the main conversation, 10 seconds before the conversation and 10 seconds after the conversation:

“Only the last five minutes of a voice chat will be available to the player” who wishes to file a complaint, specifies Sony.

Can’t turn off voice chat recording on PlayStation 5

Will players be able to turn off voice chat recording? The answer is no.

“We want all users to feel safe playing with other people online, not just those who choose to activate it,” Sony says. “This feature will not actively monitor or listen to your conversations – never,” Sony insists.

To sum up, the PlayStation 5 itself will store the last five minutes of a voice chat. A clip lasting up to 40 seconds will be sent to Sony if and only if a player decides to report. In case of complaint, Sony moderators will hear the audio sample. Depending on what is said, action will be taken. Banning an account is one of the possible actions.

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