Sony plans to store games on USB drives

A few days ago, we revealed that Sony will not allow installation of PlayStation 5 games on USB storage devices, be they hard drives, SSDs, or any other type of storage that plugs in. connects via USB port. This will only be allowed for PlayStation 4 games running on the new console. However, this situation may change in the future, thanks to an update.

Sony now offers a large number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for its new console, before it even hits the market. For the question “Can I store or launch PS5 games from a USB device?” Sony responds:

No, players cannot transfer PS5 games to a USB device. PS5 games should be stored on the console’s ultra-fast internal SSD. We’re thinking about an upcoming update that will allow gamers to store (but not launch) their PS5 games on a USB device.

However, you can store and play your PS4 games from a compatible USB device connected to the PS5 console.

You will soon be able to store PlayStation 5 games on USB storage

On a related note, Sony says the PS5 includes an expansion port where gamers can place an M.2 SSD to boost the console’s internal storage. But that will be available for later.

For now, the port is disabled through console software.

“We will give more details on this later,” promises Sony.

The group adds that it will soon communicate the types of M.2 SSD compatible with the new PlayStation 5.

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