Sony reveals PlayStation 4 games that won’t be playable on PlayStation 5

Sony previously reported that the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games will be playable on PlayStation 5, and as you can see from their words, some games for the current-gen console won’t be able to run on the new console that’s coming to the market next November.

However, Sony Interactive Entertainment never revealed any titles that could not be played on the new console. Now that that has changed, since using its website, the Japanese giant reveals that the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games will have a better gaming experience on the new console, and even reveals some titles that will fail when trying to start them. . Additionally, the company reveals that while there are many games being played, not all of them will perform at 100% functionality. For example, the share menu may be missing. Sony adds that the HD camera will not be available for PS4 games on PS5. The user will need to use the PlayStation Camara using the dedicated adapter.

Also, PS4 tournaments are not supported on PS5, as well as the second screen feature, add-on apps and the ability to follow another player’s game live.

Sony reveals that the following list of PlayStation 4 games will not work on PlayStation 5

DWVR Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 Just take care of it! Shadow Complex Remastered Robinson: The Journey We Sing Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Shadwen Joe’s Diner

The company is not revealing if these are the only games that will not be playable on PlayStation 5, or if there will be more, so we will have to wait for new details, which will be revealed very soon.

Next, the company reveals that in order to play physical PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5, users will need to insert the disc in question and download an update that will happen automatically.

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