SPC announces two new smart points of sale

SPC has extended its Smart Home Power range – made up of different smart sockets – with two new references, CLEVER PLUG DUAL and CLEVER PLUG USB. Both models complement the existing CLEVER POWER STRIP, a smart plug, and the CLEVER PLUG MINI, designed in a reduced size to fit any space.

One of the main features of these smart plugs is their WiFi connection, allowing them to be controlled directly by the smartphone through the SPC IoT app, as well as other IoT products connected to the same network. In this sense, it is possible to configure its operation and characteristics to create integrated and complete experiences for the user. The CLEVER PLUG DUAL combines two AC ports in a very compact size to fit any space, while the CLEVER PLUG USB has one AC port and two USB ports for great versatility.

SPC smart plugs are versatile devices that allow you to control any device connected to them: coffee maker, heater, heater or television, among others. In this way, any of these devices can be turned on or off via the smartphone, even from outside the house, or on / off rules can be created to limit their operating time.

SPC continues to focus on smart points of sale

More advantages: if they are part of a home automation ecosystem, via the main voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant) or with other devices from the SPC Smart Home line, it is possible to create a routine or a scenario associated with its use. For example, turn on the television and kettle when you get home or turn it off when you say “good night” to a voice assistant – the possibilities are endless!

Besides the benefits of comfort and convenience, smart plugs also allow you to save on your electricity bill, one of the main concerns of the home economy, and consume less energy to protect the home. environment. Smart plugs prevent products like televisions or monitors from sleeping by automatically turning them off when you leave the house or fall asleep. In this way, the standby consumption would be eliminated to the point of being able to save around 10% of your monthly electricity bill according to data from Poupa Energia, an electricity tariff comparison platform managed by ADENE – Ag√™ncia para a √Čnergie.

CLEVER PLUG DUAL, double socket for multiple charging

The CLEVER PLUG DUAL combines two AC ports, 16A each and independently configurable, in a very compact size, to fit any space. It has a maximum power of 3680 W. In addition, it allows monitoring of energy consumption to determine the efficiency of the various connected devices.

CLEVER PLUG USB, a triple socket for AC and USB charging

The CLEVER PLUG USB offers a lightweight design, portable and very comfortable to use. It has a maximum power of 2300W and has an AC port (10A) and two USB ports. Like the previous reference, CLEVER PLUG USB makes it possible to monitor energy consumption in order to determine the efficiency of the various connected devices.

Price and availability

SPC CLEVER PLUG DUAL is available in Portugal for a suggested price of 29.99 euros. SPC CLEVER PLUG USB is available in Portugal for a suggested price of 24.99 euros. Help us grow, visit our Facebook page and leave your taste, to get access to all the information first hand. And if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also follow us on Google News, select us among your favorites by clicking on the star.

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