Sports Interactive reveals news from Football Manager 2021

As usual at this time of year, Sports Interactive has revealed what their ambitions are and the changes that will come in the next version of their football team management game, and I’m obviously talking about Football Manager 2021. Scheduled for launch in just over a month, on November 24, the game will feature a renewed interaction system.

If it keeps the annual rhythm, the Football Manager series will continue with its formula in a progressive project, which improves with each new season. This 2020/2021 season will be no different, and the programmers have established several priorities, and the first one should appeal to users, because it concerns the general mechanics of exchanges with players, journalists or other protagonists of the game.

A new edition will include gestures that will influence the general mood of the discussion. Discussion that will no longer necessarily require a meeting, but can be done thanks to the new quick chat feature, even remotely with another coach, a journalist or a loaned player.

With this in mind, many players will be particularly happy to learn that press conferences have finally been reworked. They will now go through a briefing, and a pre-briefing from their press officer, who will also be present during the conferences to select the questions, alongside a player or his captain for example. The different journalists will be represented by icons, which will be associated with various information and, in particular, their attitude towards them, which will contribute to the general environment of the room. Some may be inattentive as the interview progresses, or just be irritated by their responses. In any case, we especially hope that the functioning of these conferences will prove to be less mechanical than before. Otherwise, they will be dropped by players again.

Football Manager 2021 will arrive full of news

Recruitment is also one of the areas that has been reviewed, mainly in the desire for immersion. Thus, you will now have a recruitment meeting one month before the opening of each transfer window, in order to define with your employees what your priorities are, according to the needs of your workforce. Your team will already suggest some avenues for reflection before specifying clearer criteria. In addition, there is the team of analysts in charge of transfers, whose function will be to compile a raw database into intelligible reports. You should also know that the effects of Covid-19 must be taken into account in the game, but Sports Interactive will come back to this subject a little later.

Finally, the day of the match has also undergone many changes. In addition to the new interaction system, which will be integrated into conversations with your gestures, the pre-match tactical encounter has also been revised, and will offer coaches the possibility to keep an eye on the famous xG (for goals expected, the holy grail of football analysts). The game interface has also been redesigned, in addition to many small graphical improvements that make the Football Manager engine more enjoyable.

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