Tapo C200 review – a smart camera from TP-Link

Security cameras are more and more fashionable and aware of this situation, manufacturers are producing more and more smaller and smarter cameras to meet this demand. TP-Link is relatively new to the business, but it looks set to take on the giants of the industry, and it has a smart, inexpensive camera, which today we’re going to leave our analysis on here, and I’m obviously talking about Tapo C200.

This Tapo C200 is no pride in terms of design, as it has a very simple and unobtrusive appearance. He has a round “head” with a completely white body.

Its base has an essential weight so that it can stand upright and does not move when working with it. In addition, it has the possibility of fixing, for example on the ceiling, and its accessories are included in the packaging. However, this does not seem necessary to me, because to use this camera you need to use a small transformer, and its wire is only 2 meters long, which should not be enough to go from the ceiling to an electrical outlet. Yes, this camera does not have a built-in battery.
However, it seems perfect to put it on a piece of furniture, “camouflaged” by other objects.

When properly assembled in the location of your choice, this camera is very versatile, as its lens has the ability to move through the vertical range of approximately 114 ° and the full horizontal range of 360 °, giving the user has complete freedom to watch almost anywhere he is mounted, using an application on your smartphone (Android or iOS).
With the TP-Link Tapo app, you can adjust the angle at any time, besides being able to configure the camera to constantly rotate left and right, as if it were a CCTV camera. . In addition, you can also help your angle manually in the camera itself.

In addition, the application has a very interesting feature, which is that it allows the user to save their favorite angles. This is especially important if, for example, you have multiple windows where you “look” and want it to have special coverage for those areas … so when we are away from the place, we can access these same angles more quickly via our smartphone. Something really useful.

In terms of image quality, and considering the price charged for this Tapo C200 (around € 30), I was surprised. The camera is capable of recording video at 1080p and a built-in 850nm IR LED lets you see up to about 9-10 meters away at night, which should be more than enough for most rooms. a house.
It’s not the best video we’ve ever seen on a camera, but it’s more than enough solution for what the camera is committed to doing.

But where does this camera save your recordings? While most other smart cameras use cloud technology for video recording, making them dependent on an internet connection, the C200 uses a built-in microSD card. This was the solution provided by TP-LINK, which is neither good nor bad. This is good because we can decide what to record, when to record, and the time to record, and it’s bad because local storage doesn’t allow for backup, and it’s something that is usually very useful in surveillance.

The camera has a built-in siren, which can be programmed to sound in the event of an intrusion. It doesn’t hit anything enough to alert anyone outside of the area it is in, but it can make invaders think twice before entering that area, giving clear information that they are being watched. .

Tapo C200 Final Verdict

We are dealing with a cheap device, which does the job it does very well. Providing 360 ° horizontal coverage and 114 ° vertical coverage in any indoor space is a good reason to choose the camera. Then your video quality isn’t bad, day or night, and the fact that your night vision works up to about 10 meters and has a good manager app makes this device really interesting.

It does have a few flaws, however, and the first is the fact that it doesn’t have a small internal battery, which could make all the difference. The fact that it doesn’t allow cloud storage can also be a problem on some occasions, because if they steal your camera, they steal your footage, and you don’t know who did. But this feature would make your price significantly higher.

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