Teams will not be arriving in the game in the near future

Since its release, Apex Legends has evolved a lot, going from a trio when the game was released to a team of different sizes over time. Today, couples form a permanent line, while the ground appears in several time-limited situations.

The truth is, Respawn has never commented on the eventual availability of Teams in Apex Legends. With 60 players in play, it’s theoretically possible to have 15 teams of four players, and for players coming from any other Battle Royale, having an extra element on your team is always a positive aspect, and they could see him with good eyes. .

However, game developers have a different take on it, and so far they don’t see teams (teams of four players) as a positive for the game. Indeed, according to Monsterclip, the design director. of the game, Apex Legends teams would leave the game “negatively chaotic”.

“By playing in a team, which we tested at the beginning, the fight becomes almost impossible to follow. It is negatively chaotic” – says Monsterclip.
“The trio is a magic number. This is where the game was designed to be balanced” – he emphasizes at the end.

The trio is at the center of Apex Legends

Respawn doesn’t think it’s appropriate to add squads to Apex Legends

That said, Respawn has always promised never to add a permanent solo queue in the past, but that hasn’t stopped them from incorporating it at an event, for a limited time.

“It wouldn’t be a complete deterrent to a limited-time mode if the rest of the game wasn’t designed around trios. Our lobby, for example, is designed for three people. Our service distribution is designed for three people per Even something like the banners around the map doesn’t have room for a fourth person.
All these problems can be solved technically with enough effort, but since we think the line is the strong point, we don’t think about squads at the moment ”.

In short, the inclusion of squads in the game isn’t entirely ruled out, but as of now, it’s not in Respawn’s plans.

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