The arrival of PlayStation 5 will hurt PS3 and PS Vita users

As always, a new generation of consoles is always seen with great enthusiasm, but there are always those who are hurt by their arrival, namely the owners of the consoles of the previous generation. And with PlayStation 5, it’s no different, as the folks at Planeta Vita have gotten new information “from a trusted source” that may be of interest to owners of a PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita.

These old consoles will no longer have access to digital copies of the games from the end of October. Indeed, on October 19, Sony will deploy an update on PlayStation Store, its online store, on PC and on October 28 on the mobile equivalent. From these dates, players still connected to these older generation devices will no longer be able to purchase games, or DLC, for the PlayStation 3, PSP, or PS Vita. They will also no longer be able to obtain new themes, avatars, or apps for those consoles. The only way, until further notice, will be to access the PlayStation Store installed directly on the consoles. PSP gamers will in turn be definitely overlooked. Previously purchased purchases will still be accessible through your PlayStation Network (PSN) user account.

PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita will have very limited access to PlayStation Store

According to the same website, this update to the PlayStation Store obviously comes to give more space to productions designed for the future PlayStation 5, which will arrive in November. But with it, a whole section of game creations is coming, and space will have to be created for them, and the big sacrifice will be the portable consoles.

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