The best of Logitech in a compact mouse

If there’s one thing that really deserves our best attention when working with a PC, it’s your mouse. It may seem all the same, but it is far from true, which is why there are many companies specializing in the field. One of those companies is Logitech, which recently announced its MX Anywhere 3, and a similar version, but dedicated to the Mac.

As such, today’s article is dedicated to our review of Logitech’s new “Super Mini” mouse.

Design and ergonomics

One of its main strengths is its size. We are talking about a very small wireless mouse, ideal for those who are constantly on the move. It is a very nice device, in which its predominant color is white but with many silver notes (there are also black and pink). It’s built from high quality plastic, but as soon as we look at it we’re pretty sure it’s a premium device.

We are dealing with a mouse that works on any surface, since it has the Darkfield sensor, from Logitech itself, which can track up to 4000 dpi. It has been tested to work on the vast majority of smooth surfaces, and even on glass it does, which is unusual. And this can be important when you are going to a meeting, and the available table is glass.
However, it should be noted that this Darkfield sensor is not a new development, as in fact it has been used by Logitech for quite some time.

However, in my daily use I felt it was too small a mouse. If it has to be used in occasional situations, in terms of comfort nothing to report, however, when you need to spend several hours a day clinging to it, it tends to be too small for my hand, and afterwards a few hours I start to feel the discomfort. This is because my hand is too big for this mouse, and when I put my palm on it, it tends to “get lost” in it, and over time I have my thumb and pinky to put pressure on it. him to move it.

It’s a mouse designed for right-handed people with a total of six buttons, which is starting to be a more or less standard setup for the business. We have the two “normal” ones, a clickable scroll wheel, a button to adjust the feel of the scrolling, and the two function buttons on the left side of it, which are used to go back and forward. Finally, there are two non-adjustable buttons at the bottom, one for turning the device on / off and a button that lets you switch between up to three paired devices on the mouse.

But back to the MX Anywhere 3 scroll wheel, which seems to be the big novelty of this mouse. It has a miniaturized version of the electromagnetic wheel that is present in what I consider the best mouse in the business, the MX Master 3. It is chrome in color, which creates adjustable resistance, and a scrolling texture using magnetic resistance, which gives it a nice scrool and a luxurious look. And it’s definitely a completely different scrool than anything I’ve ever used, and for the better.

And like all Logitech MX series mice, they are primarily intended for “advanced users”, and as such have a few tricks to learn (if that interests you). And for that, the company offers Logitech Options, productivity software that demonstrates all of its functions, and which can be very useful for those who work with spreadsheets for a long time, in PowerPoint, and even in video editing.

MX Anywhere 3: connectivity and autonomy

MX Anywhere 3’s wireless features are in pristine condition as it offers Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4 GHz wireless functionality. Wireless mouse connection remains stable and without delay, even in a space saturated with Wi-Fi.In addition, with Logitech’s multiparing function, you can connect to multiple devices, such as a PC, a laptop and a tablet, and quickly switch between any of the devices (the buttons below, which already revealed earlier). This option is particularly useful in a work-at-home environment, where you may want to, or need to, stop working on your work PC and continue to use it on your home PC (and this is only a example).

However, there is a less positive point here, which is the fact that MX Anywhere 3 does not have a compartment where we can store your key. And since this is a mouse specifically designed for mobility, that was probably Logitech’s biggest flaw in this mouse.

Finally, having a great wireless network doesn’t matter much if the mouse doesn’t have long battery life either. Not surprisingly, this MX Anywhere 3 exceeds the best expectations. According to Logitech, this mouse is expected to last up to 70 hours when paired via Bluetooth. In my testing, I found that I easily worked 2 weeks in a row without needing to be recharged.

And when you need to recharge, it has a USB-C charging port, so it can be recharged anywhere, including on the PC itself. And of course, Logitech provides your cable in the box of the device.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Review: final verdict

A quick search on a search engine, and we see that the MX Anywhere 3 sells for around € 89.90. Whether it’s too much or too little is up to each of you to decide. However, what I can guarantee is that this mouse offers a lot of features for a portable mouse.

Its small size makes it perfect for those who travel a lot, or just like to use the same mouse at home and at work. Plus, it’s the only mouse I’ve ever managed to work smoothly on a glass table for 6 hours straight. This alone demonstrates its quality, and it is certainly a great mouse, even for those who use it professionally.

Unfortunately for me, my hand seems too big to work with it for several hours at a time, and without it, I was faced with the rat that would accompany me in my daily life, for years to come.

It’s easy to say that this MX Anywhere 3 has all the best features of the company’s best mouse, the MX Master 3, but in a much more compact body. As such, this is a more than recommended mouse.

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