The Debt Collector 2 arrived today on the Netflix platform

The Debt Collector 2 is an action film that has reached the Netflix platform in Portugal today. After a first film which was a (relative) success, the makers decided to make a second film which brings back Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor, who occupy the main roles. Only this time, your adventure is in New York.

And as I had already revealed, this is the sequel to The Debt Collector, from 2018, which tells the story of French, martial arts master and former parachutist, played by true tae kwon do aficionado, Scott. Adkins. . The Frenchman is already in arrears when his honorable dojo is attacked by unscrupulous rivals. Desperate for money, he turns to a friend of a friend, becoming the debt collector, doing shakedowns for the Mafia.

Joining a security colleague named Sue, played by Louis Mandylor, he ends up in trouble, which even he couldn’t have foreseen.

Debt Collector 2 is already on the Netflix platform in Portugal

The synopsis for this film is very short and only reveals that: “Jack Winchester thought he left his past behind. When he returns to New York and finds his friend murdered and his sister kidnapped, Jack goes to war against the Mafia”

You can watch the movie trailer here.

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