The film with Milla Jovovich gets its first trailer

After Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich returns to be the protagonist of a movie based on a video game, and this time we’re talking about Monster Hunter, a Capcom game released on consoles in 2004.

Now this movie has received its first trailer, which shows us that the Monster Hunter (Monster Hunters) appear to have traded the usual in-game swords for sulfates with which they will take on a creature of gigantic proportions. Fans of the game rest assured, however, the film must respect its original material as revealed in the synopsis. Thus, we will follow elite soldiers (disguised as Milla Jovovich, TI Harris, Meagan Good and Diego Boneta) who, after a sandstorm, find themselves in a world populated by gigantic monsters and immune to bullets. Heroes must therefore quickly lay down firearms and use more effective weapons, such as swords, to combat the threat.

Monster Hunter is coming in 2021

Paul WS Anderson, husband of Milla Jovovich and director of four of the six Resident Evil films, will return for this film. Taking other productions with his left foot, “Monster Hunter” promises a theatrical release in early 2021, despite the pandemic. Capcom obviously expects the film to experience similar success to its video game counterpart: “Monster Hunter World”, the latest work in the series released in 2018, is quite simply the best-selling Japanese studio game in its history. .

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