The first digital event officially announced by Razer

Razer will bring its global community together at the inaugural RazerCon, a one-day digital event produced by the company and its network of hardware and software partners. RazerCon 2020 takes place on October 10 and will be broadcast live on Razer’s major social media channels including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

RazerCon attendees can count on a variety of exciting events and activities, from exclusive announcements of new Razer products to pre-launch game demos. The day will conclude with a big online concert with the participation of the fan favorite EDM and metal.

RazerCon 2020 will include:

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan’s lecture in a global mixed reality with iconic view of Singapore in the background World’s first live broadcast with responsive RGB lighting Razer panels presented by product managers, with new product demos and not yet announced products, design and technology discussions Exclusive presentations from various game studios like Romero Games, Perfect World Entertaiment, Paradox Interactive and technology partners like Intel, NVIDIA and Western Digital Celebrity gaming presence including a session chat with CloakZy and CourageJD and a RazerStreamer panel with PaladinAmber and many others Concert by major EDM and metal bands Sabaton and Herman Li from DragonForce with special guests Tosin Abasin (Animals as leaders) and Tim Henson (Polyphia)

Viewers will be invited to interact on the show to enter contests and contests with the chance to win amazing prizes such as the new Razer Blade 15, Razer products and those of other partners, as well as items from game and beta keys offered by the studios present.

“We have a very loyal gaming community that has been with us for many years and the idea of ​​promoting a reunion for Razer fans and all gamers has been considered countless times,” said Min-Liang Tan. “2020 has been a difficult year for everyone with the enormous limitation of physical events. We see RazerCon as an opportunity to celebrate the Razer games and community, while setting a new standard for online events. “

Global Mixed Reality Conference presented with an iconic view of Singapore

Traditional public presentations are a thing of the past due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the opening of RazerCon 2020, Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan will showcase the latest Razer products, services and advertisements in a live virtual presentation with the famous view of Singapore in the background.

The storyline will come to life with immersive mixed reality technology that includes real-time augmented reality effects, as well as real-time composite images with real-world photos and videos, all during the live broadcast. .

The world’s first live broadcast with responsive RGB lighting

RazerCon attendees will have the audiovisual pleasure of witnessing the very first event broadcast live with Razer Chroma RGB lighting (patent pending), a proprietary RGB lighting technology that has 16.8 million colors to create effects endless animated lighting. Viewers around the world are invited to turn on their Razer products during the event and see how their Razer Chroma compatible devices sync and dance to the fantastic performances of EDM artists and metal bands Sabaton and Herman Li from DragonForce during concert that ends at RazerCon.

The concert of this online event will also benefit from the enhanced audio by the sound engineering experts at THX Ltd, who were not only responsible for implementing THX Spatial Audio in cutting edge hardware products, but also their broadcast at various digital events. like the Ocean Meets Festival musical event.

Exclusive demonstration by Razer product teams and global games and technology partners

In addition to seeing the best and latest Razer products up close, as well as innovations exclusively revealed during the event, viewers will be able to witness exclusive demos of upcoming games in a true celebration of the game. Titles include Empire of Sin from Romero Games, highlighting the pillars of the game introduced by legendary and award-winning game studio Brenda Romero, a new take on the wild frontier of the Perfect Torchlight dungeon tracker from Echtra Games and Perfect World Entertainment – as well as a preview of the film adaptation of Mutant Year Zero, directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull.

Attendees can also count on content from many other premium partners that support RazerCon, such as Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Western Digital WD_BLACK, ASRock, Paradox Interactive, Perfect World Entertainment, Capcom and many more.

Interested fans can now register for the event and participate in contests and offers that last until the start of the event with opportunities to win fantastic gear from Razer and other partners.

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