The High Roller pistol could be back in Fortnite

As the seasons of Fortnite unfold, weapons and items are regularly made available and removed from the loot, either because they are too strong, too weak, or simply because they do not match the theme of the new patch. This means that some fan favorite weapons may disappear from the game, for a variety of reasons, and return later, or just never reappear.

In the case of the High Roller Pistol, which was initially added to Fortnite in Update 13.20, it ended up being removed at the start of Season 4 of Chapter 2. The truth is that many players love it and would love it. he’s coming back, and a lot of guilt over his new shooting mechanic … and it looks like Epic has a surprise to reveal.

Following the 2:30 p.m. update, which gave the battle rifle a luster and also came with the time-limited Rally Royale mode for the party, dataminers have discovered some changes coming to the game. them, we have the “Pistol High Roller”, which, as Mang0e_ says, can come back with a little buff.

“The High Roller pistol may soon return to mainstream fashions,” he revealed in an Oct. 15 tweet. “Enemy score time has been added again and increased to 15 seconds.”

The Rocket Pistol may return to main modes soon, enemy tagging time has been re-added and increased to 15 seconds.

– Mang0e👻- Fortnite Dataminer (@ Mang0e_) October 15, 2020

The High Roller pistol could return to Fortnite soon

While it’s not fully defined, as the tweet wants it to sound like, it can really come back, and hopefully it will be with the reported buff. It’s just that with the increased time spent tagging enemies, it would definitely make players think twice about ignoring the option of using this weapon.

But, as always, it will be up to Epic to make the final decision, and wait until we see if it happens or not, as even evidence to the contrary is just another rumor.

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