The information about the heat generated by the console is not encouraging

When the Xbox Series X was announced, many memes were created due to its design which showed what appears to be a fireplace. Unfortunately, if we believe some of the testers, the heat generated by the console could make it a good heater. Fortunately, the models tested appear to be pre-production models.

At the top of the console we have a 130mm fan, in which its main function is to remove hot air from inside the console, which despite its dimensions, should be extremely quiet. However, the console’s low-volume development seems to hamper heat dissipation. Various reports now show that the Xbox Series X will be extremely hot. A French journalist smugly explained that the console could possibly heat a small room during the winter. And that’s a real cause for concern, because so far the testers have only been able to test games that are compatible with previous versions. So what will happen when the Xbox Series X uses the vast majority of its features? An official at the Giant Bomb gaming site has certified that the Xbox Series X is extremely hot, even when in sleep mode. When he tried to remove the memory expansion, he felt a lot of difficulty because it was really hot, and he was forced to turn off the console and wait for it to cool down.

Xbox Series X has heating issues

Well, we’ll have to wait and see how the final console performs. One can only hope that Microsoft hasn’t focused too much on console volume, and put aside something as important as heat dissipation.


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