The new beta of MIUI 12 arrives with new features in the browser

Xiaomi plans to complete the launch of MIUI 12 for all qualifying devices during this month. The MIUI 12 beta update has been temporarily put on hold in China, but it has already been reset and testers have started receiving new beta updates for MIUI 12.

Recently, Xiaomi released the MIUI 12 beta update with version 20.10.14 in China. And according to the release notes for the latest beta update shared on Telegram, this beta update comes with a bunch of new features.

According to the changelog of the update, Mi browser receives the new multi-window page and a new module to restore previously closed pages. It also added a new search home page and the markup function was simplified by changing the Add to Desktop option in the Toolbox menu.

MI browser with many new features in the new beta of MIUI 12

Now bookmarks can be searched and accessed through the page as there are new add-ons for pages and bookmarks are frequently visited. Below you can check out the changelog of this new beta ROM which is completely related to MI browser:

New multi-window page, newly closed module, can easily restore previously closed web page. The web video player has been redesigned. On most webpage, it can support 0.75-3 times reading speed, video downloading and screen projection. History functions, such as horizontal and vertical viewing, of window pages are offline. Simplification of the marking operation and modification of “Add to desktop” to “Menu-Toolbox” New search home page, added favorites and frequently visited modules, search and access to favorites can be operated on the same page

This new beta update brings effective functionality to Mi Browser, but there are no major changes to the overall user experience. Currently, the update is released for beta testers in China.

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