the new map is a concept from Titanfall 3

It’s been 4 years since Titanfall 2 arrived, and Respawn continues to deny that it is “preparing” a third game in this franchise. However, until now, he has never denied having several sketches of this game and a very well-founded idea for it.

Since the appearance of Apex Legends, Titanfall seems to have been left behind, and the studio has brought in several concepts that were planned for Titanfall, for its successful Battle Royale. Now, according to studio officials, the next Apex Legends map, Olympus, was originally slated to be part of Titanfall 3.

We already know the main news of Apex Legends season 7, where the most important note is a new legend, Horizon, and the Olympus map. And this new map really is the main attraction here, as it’s been designed with verticality and vehicles in mind, and filled with the kind of opulent architecture you’d expect to find in one of the most popular cities. wealthy from the Titanfall universe. And although Olympus’ creative work for Apex Legends began in the spring of 2019, the idea itself is already very old.

Olympus was a card for Titanfall 3

“At one point there was a Titanfall 3 after Titanfall 2 launched,” game director Chad Grenier said in an interview. “And Olympus wasn’t called Olympus at the time, but that style of map was something we were exploring for the next Titanfall game.
While we were building Titanfall, we discovered this game mode, Battle Royale, within it, in our Titanfall universe. And we were so excited about it that we ended up doing the Apex. So we have all these cards … this really big card that looks a lot like Olympus … I think what we ended up with Olympus is better, because we had more time to improve it. “

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