The supernatural grand finale begins today at AXN

Sam and Dean are one of the most successful youngest TV pairs, and not just, of the past 15 years. In 14 seasons of Supernatural, the Winchester brothers have faced demons, monsters, mythical creatures, and even the devil.

Now, AXN brings fans the latest episodes of the series which always promises to have epic battles, with the final showdown being reserved for the maximum divine entity – God. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have Archangel Michael (Misha Collins), who possessed Dean last season, on their side in this trip, and they also have Jack (Alexander Calvert), Lucifer’s son and a human. , who can be both the ally they needed and a ticking time bomb that can backfire.

As of today, October 15 at 10:50 p.m., the final season kicks off on AXN from episode 14.

Supernatural Season 15 final episodes start today on AXN

Also in this celebration of 15 years of emotions that culminate this season, AXN has prepared an illustrative video to promote the series. This was developed by the creative team at AXN Ibérica, with a design by Spanish illustrator Roberto Arguelles. The production also has the narration of Bruno Ferreira, known for his voice over works, where he is included as the official voice of AXN Movies, but also for his career in dubbing and comedy.

Prepare the salt and the crucifix to create your supernatural moment.

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