The World According to Trump is broadcast today on television in Portugal

Canal Odisseia today presents the most recent documentary on Donald Trump’s presidency, “The World According to Trump”, directed by Emmy winner William Karel. This is an exclusive start in Portugal, at 10:30 p.m., and a few days before the presidential election in the United States which will take place on November 3.

Using his policy towards Covid-19 as a common thread, award-winning William Karel, director of numerous documentaries on American politics (“The World According to Bush”; “Secret of State”, “The President Men”; “CIA: Secret Wars” ; “Barack Obama: High Expectations”; “Hillary Clinton, A Woman on the Edge”), reviews in her latest book, “The World According to Trump”, the four years of an unprecedented presidency that a country deeply divided.

For 52 minutes, Odyssey viewers have access to a harsh and enduring portrayal of America’s most controversial president, where they will have the opportunity to rewatch a series of significant episodes, like the South American Emigrant Caravan , the death of George Floyd, his diplomacy towards North Korea and the Middle East, or his attacks on minorities, just days before the most important elections for the future of the country.
To tell the story of Trump in power, the documentary features several of his former aides, including John Bolton, former national security adviser, and Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director, as well as several reporters. who came under attack from Trump in his crusade on the media, psychologists and psychiatrists, Black Lives Matter co-founder Chivona Newsome, and an evangelical pastor who fully supports him.

The world according to Trump at 10:30 p.m. on the Odyssey

The surprising winner in 2016, Donald Trump, believes his second term is guaranteed, but his catastrophic handling of the coronavirus crisis leaves everything open. In tackling the epidemic, the President has behaved the same way he has behaved since arriving at the White House: with aggressive style, inflammatory tweets, damning statements, waging war against the media and its opponents, making promises to the religious and conservative electorate, refusing to listen to their advisers and rejecting multilateralism.

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