Thinking of buying the new Galaxy S20 FE? You may want to consider

Samsung recently launched a new item for its beautiful line of Galaxy S20 series gear, and I’m talking about the Galaxy S20 FE, the one that has one of the best value for money in its lineup. And if you are considering purchasing this model, you should be aware that reports are emerging that some units appear to be having issues with their displays.

Several users are using the Reddit and Samsung forums to report that their Galaxy S20 FEs have difficulty responding to touch. The same goes for when you do a longer press, such as swipes, which is used for example to scroll a page. Some users say that some actions are performed by themselves, even if they haven’t touched the smartphone screen … what we usually call a ghost key.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE seems to have screen issues

The smartphone is very recently available for purchase, so there aren’t a lot of testimonials in terms of concerns about the screen, but they do exist, and some US media that received a Galaxy S20 FE for testing must have been. send it back to Samsung because of this same problem.

It is currently unclear whether this is a software or hardware issue. It would be better if it was the first, as Samsung might just release an update to fix this issue. But it is still necessary to determine what is really going on, and the fact that it has the famous phantom touch, suggests that the problem is with the hardware.

Samsung has yet to publicly respond to concerns about the Galaxy S20 FE’s display, and the smartphone remains available with prices starting at $ 679.90.


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