This is not the reason why TikTok was banned in the United States

The situation with TikTok is still worrying in the US, as the platform is constantly under pressure and its ban is increasingly imminent. But with recent events in the country, it is benefiting from a small delay.

At that point, if the schedule had been kept, TikTok should have been banished from Uncle Sam’s land by now. However, as the elections for the new president were held recently, the company seems to have won a small balloon of oxygen. According to the latest information from the Wall Street Journal, it appears that the US Department of Commerce is not yet ready to enforce this prohibition order that would force TikTok to cease all operations in the United States.

In fact, the Commerce Department cites a preliminary injection given to TikTok last October, passed by a Philadelphia court judge. A group of TikTok influencers have come together to file a lawsuit, in which they loudly argue that the ban would have significant effects on their business activities.

TikTok’s situation in the US remains undefined

The agency adds that it won’t enforce this ban order until legal developments are made, but that doesn’t mean TikTok is clearly out of danger. The Chinese company is currently involved in at least two other lawsuits, each demanding that its ban in the United States not be enforced. Therefore, it is only a temporary rest that is currently given to TikTok, which will still have to face in these other cases.

Moreover, this injunction also does not have an indefinite expiration date. This means that it is still entirely possible that TikTok will be forced to shut down its operations in the United States. However, at least for now, US users of the platform can continue to use it and its services to create or watch content.

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