TikTok will even be banned in the United States

TikTok can still remain operational in the United States, as long as the necessary steps are taken for the social network currently controlled by Chinese ByteDance to become American. Steven Mnuchin, the North American Treasury Secretary, announced it.

All code must be in the United States. Oracle will be responsible for rebuilding the code, disinfecting it, making sure it’s secure, in its cloud, and meets all of our requirements, announced at a conference promoted by CNBC.

“If the deal is done on our terms, we’ll validate it. Otherwise, TikTok will be banned, ”he added. He clarified that “the president is focused on national security and that any agreement must fully address our national security concerns.”

Donald Trump accuses the app of spying for the benefit of China, and of course, this is something the social network rejects. The Commerce Department has already announced that the platform will be banned in the United States on November 12 if it is not yet under the command of an American company.

If it does not pass into the hands of an American company, TikTok will be banned on November 12

Last weekend, a Washington judge asked TikTok to find a settlement or prove in court that such a ban would be illegal.

TikTok has 100 million users in the United States and the platform is gaining about 424,000 new users per day, since the start of the summer, according to its data.

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