Tim Cook promises exciting new commercials later this year

The year 2020 has been anything but easy, and because of Covid-19 and the health crisis, everyone is going through difficult times, which unfortunately still do not seem to have an end in sight. It is natural that companies also suffer from this crisis, however rich it may be. However, Apple, through the voice of Tim Cook, claims that it has not yet revealed all the surprises it has for this year 2020 and that by the end of the year it still has some surprises. to be announced.

Recently, in the beta of macOS 11.0.1, at least three Macs have yet to be announced. Rumors strongly believe that some, if not all, of these machines will have a new Apple Silicon chip, the new architecture announced by the Cupertino company a few months ago. Today, Tim Cook seems to indicate that the company is moving in this direction.

In fact, on a company financial results conference call, Tim Cook said, “Without speaking too much, I can say that this year we have some more exciting announcements up our sleeve.” Many people expressed their surprise at this short-lived announcement, as Apple is best known for keeping surprises like this a secret. There is something that piques the interest of tech enthusiasts that Tim Cook made such a statement, even though it revealed absolutely nothing.

Tim Cook says there will be new announcements later this year

The Cupertino company should organize an event on November 17, as part of an event that will, among other things, officially announce the first Mac equipped with an Apple Silicon chip. We have also heard rumors about the arrival of AirTags accessories, small tiles very similar to Tiles that make it easier to find keys.

The Apple company has not yet formalized this event, the invitations have not yet been sent to the trade press, but if the rumors that it will take place in mid-November are true, then we do not have much of time. Invitations should be received later this week, and then we will have all of our questions answered.


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