Transhood debuts today on HBO Portugal

Transhood is a new documentary that accompanies four young transgender people and their families for five years, and today makes its debut, exclusively, on HBO Portugal.

Recorded over five years in Kansas City, it’s the inspiring story of four young people and their families discovering what it’s like to grow up as transgender in the heart of America. The documentary offers a long-term take on the unique journey of four transgender youth (aged 4, 7, 12 and 15 at the start of filming) while redefining the concept of ‘growing up’ and sharing personal realities of how gender expression is transforming their American families. Emotional and stimulating, the film explores how these families struggle and overcome difficulties as their children grow up and how children are challenged and transformed as they experience the complexity of their identities.

Directed by Sharon Liese, produced by Sasha Alpert and Kimberly Reed, Transhood captures the true stories of four brave families. Although each trip is different, they share common and personal experiences as the young people demonstrate incredible resilience, facing rejection from their peers, sudden body change, and growing political rhetoric that strives to ‘invalidate the lives of LGBTQ + people. Meanwhile, adults roam the turbid field of adolescence. By sharing their most vulnerable moments, parents reveal their ambivalence, doubts and mistakes as they too evolve over time.

Transhood is already on HBO Portugal

Against the politically and religiously conservative Kansas City community between 2014 and 2019, parents grapple with their own issues of raising children, while often facing resistance from family members.

Through real images of these families, Transhood takes us into the lives of:

Jay, who we met at age 12, and who matures remarkably, both physically and emotionally throughout the film, battling a painful case of coworker abandonment. It starts with the hormone blockers, and although the mother supports him in the process, they discuss the different views they have on this very personal topic. Avery, who was 7 when the documentary began, is eager to help change the world for other transgender children and, with the support of her parents, becomes a notable advocate – National Geographic published her photo on the cover of the issue dedicated to genre. Over the years, Avery grows cautious of public scrutiny and lets it be known how she felt when she decided to take a different path. Leena, who we met at 15, takes her family and best friend on an unexpected emotional journey as she becomes increasingly uncomfortable with adolescence. As Leena faces the disappointment of her first love and strives to become a model, she is also experiencing her personal goal of sex confirmation surgery at 19. Phoenix, a self-proclaimed “boy-girl” at the age of 4, first identifies as a girl, but eventually identifies as a boy at the age of 7. Phoenix’s gender mastery affects the whole family, parents Molly and Zach are fighting for your marriage, and different perspectives on how to be the best parents for Phoenix.

The documentary also features the pediatric endocrinologist Dr Jill Jacobson, gender declaration surgeon Dr Marci Bowers, among others.

TRANSHOOD, from HBO Documentary Films, is directed by Sharon Liese and produced by Sasha Alpert and Sharon Liese. Executive producers are Kimberly Reed, Jonathan Murray, and Gil Goldschein. Co-producer is Samantha Hake, Supervisor of Editing is Dava Whisenant, Director of Photography is Ty Jones. The original music is the responsibility of Nathan Halpern and Chris Ruggiero. For HBO, the executive producers are Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller and the lead producer is Sara Rodríguez.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary here.

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