Tuff Money is a new series which debuts today on HBO Portugal

Tuff Money, produced by HBO Europe in Romania, opens today November 22 in all territories of HBO Europe, where logically HBO Portugal is included. Written and performed by Daniel Sandu (“One Step Behind the Seraphim”, “Hackerville”), TUFF MONEY is a humorous approach to guilt, innocence and standards of morality, in a small town where “to escape in all impunity “seems to be the way to win in life.

In six episodes, Tuff Money follows the evolution of an incident in which two technicians from the public works department are involved. Frustrated at ending up with the worst places in the bar where they planned to watch a soccer game, Doru and Ionel joke about having a robbery, in which they would get rich and finally be privileged. The joke is heard by the bar owner and what starts out as a joke ends up taking on a life of its own, under the pressure of moving forward with making a robbery in real life. All the institutions they turn to for help are eager to make it and be wrong, leaving the two hapless heroes to struggle to regain their morale, against a desire for self-preservation.

Tuff Money is already on HBO Portugal

About the series, Daniel Sandu, writer and director, said:

“Through Tuff Money, we explore the effects of an uncomfortable truth – in which hardly anyone is innocent. Sometimes when something bad happens to us, we are victims and accomplices. I took this strange truth. and bitter, which is perfect for a drama series., and I got it involved in comedy, as something bitter that begins with a sweet taste. The viewer is invited to participate, along with the main characters, in an adventure which navigates the consequences of a game which ends up becoming more serious than expected “.

The two friends, Doru and Ionel, are played by Alexandru Papadopol (Marfa și banii, Acasă la tata, Occident, Povestea unui pierde-vară) and Cristian Bota (Un pas în urma serafimilor, Karmasutra, Poarta Albă). Medeea Marinescu, Gavril Pătru (Despre oameni și melci, Charleston, Coborâm la prima), Valeriu Andriuță (Occident, Afacerea Est, Breaking News, Donbass), Adriana Irimescu (În familie, La urgență, Tinerețe fău News Breakingica and Voean Breakingica ) are the protagonists of the new production of HBO Europe.

HBO Europe executive producers are Johnathan Young and Antony Root. The producers of HBO Europe are Silvia Popescu and Ioanina Pavel. Tudor Reu is the producer of Mobra Films.

You can watch the trailer for the series here.

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