Ubuntu is coming to version 20.10 and is now available for download (free)

As expected, Ubuntu version 20.10 has been officially released by Canonical. This new version is called “Groovy Gorilla” and has the long awaited support for GNOME 3.38. With GNOME 3.38, the visualization of applications has been optimized: the area with frequently used applications disappears. In addition, applications can now be classified and organized according to the user’s wish and as he sees fit.

Plus, all the other changes are much easier to manage. The battery percentage display icon has been moved to the power settings. For Wi-Fi hotspots, a QR code is now generated to share the connection with other devices, and not to mention “Disconnect” / “Disconnect”, the restart option has been added to the Start menu.

Ubuntu 20.10 is now available for download

With Ubuntu 20.10, support for certified devices is now introduced: workstations now support biometric identification and convertibles, such as Lenovo Yoga or Dell XPS 2 in 1, are now fully compatible with keyboards on the screen.

As always, if you’re interested in more details, you can read more details about the introduction of the new micro-cloud structures on the Ubuntu blog, here.

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