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Apps and games are all we need for our Android devices, and if they’re free it’s even better, because paying for them isn’t always the best option. Now because we later discovered a more complete app, or because after all the app we bought is not as complete as we expected. Then there are plenty of apps that promise to do the same, and are we going to pay for all of them to find the most comprehensive one?

So today we have here a bunch of apps which are usually paid but available for free for lucky users of Android operating system. However, the apps are only available for free temporarily, so you have to hurry if you want to enjoy the free ride.

If you want to save a few tens of dollars, then here is a bunch of apps, and games, that you will definitely want to take advantage of.

Free Android Apps

4K Camera – Filmmaker Pro Camera Film Recorder $ 4.99 -> Free for an additional 2 days
Simpan – Note various needs $ 1.49 -> Free for 6 additional days
Weather Live Pro $ 3.99 -> Free for an additional 6 days

Free Android Games

The Lost Civilization $ 1.99 -> Free for a few more hours Even and Odd Premium $ 0.99 -> Free for an additional 4 days Hero Evolution2: SP $ 2.49 -> Free for an additional 4 days Emoji Match: A puzzle sliding $ 0.99 -> Free for 5 additional days
[VIP]Infinity Dungeon 2- Offline Defense RPG $ 0.99 -> Free for an additional 6 days
[VIP] WeaponWar: Offline Idle Fusion Game $ 0.99 -> Free for an additional 6 days Hero Evolution: SP $ 1.49 -> Free for an additional 6 days Mystery Tiles $ 0.99 -> Free for an additional 6 days

Android Customizations

Black Army Ruby – Icon Pack – Dashboard Fresh $ 0.99 -> Free for 1 day more Live 3D Parallax Wallpapers Pro: (No Ads) $ 0.99 -> Free for 2 days more Pack of ’round icons – round pixel icons $ 0.99 -> Free for an additional 5 days

Don’t forget to give us your feedback on the Android apps and games you have enjoyed. Once you download them, they’re yours forever, it’s like you’ve paid for them, but you get them completely free.

Do not waste time, after the appointed time they are paid again.

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